This is the Two Hoots Blog – It’s for everyone who absolutely does give a damn about business impact! It is a place that leaves apathy at the door because here, we wholly believe in raising empowerment, so every individual knows their actions DO count!

I am Charlotte, passionate Sustainable Development Consultant, huge nature lover, people person and a concerned citizen of our shared world. During my 15+ years in business I have seen the good, bad and ugly in terms of business behaviour affecting people and environments. Higher Order Strategy was founded to put my strategy development, project management, marketing & communications experience to good use, namely, to help companies act holistically with their strategies to increase positive and decrease the negative impacts. In all articles here I aim to give clear, candid and caring snippets of shared learning from my time spent working with companies that really do give two hoots.

Your comments, thoughts and questions are always highly appreciated.
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Latest Tips & Articles

Make a Meaningful Impact Report

As a Sustainable Development professional, I am all over non-financial reporting, indeed several of my current projects are impact reports and I am Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) trained, but my god, it can be a dry one when

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A Business Context of the SDGs

This article breaks through the typically governmental and policy feel of the SDGs to provide a more relevant business context, so you can understand how to best strategically embed aligned action in your sustainability strategy.  Firstly, a reminder

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If you feel you have a perspective on sustainable business to share, please do get in touch about offering a guest article. This space actively welcomes and encourages sharing opinions from people with different demographics and backgrounds. Being open and able to listen to different voices is key to developing sustainably.

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