3 Fundamentals for Success

In all projects, we make sure we help leaders gain strategic clarity but also concentrate on ways to engage wider teams throughout the business. 

Materiality Assessments

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Conducting a wide-lens materiality assessment is one of the most powerful exercises a business can do. Why? Only by considering all social, environmental, and economic areas of importance are you best able to strategically manage risks and pursue opportunities. This enables companies to prioritise the allocation of resources for high impact initiatives and is the foundation for a thorough sustainable business strategy.

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Certified B Corporations are leaders in the global movement for an inclusive, equitable, and regenerative economy. The B Impact Assessment (BIA) enables structured measurement of a company’s entire social and environmental impact from which a solid sustainability strategy can be built. Whether you intend to certify or not the process is a brilliant learning exercise.

B Corp Support

Team Activation

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Move sustainability strategies and initiatives from being the responsibility of only a few people to it being a team effort that is part of business culture. Empower individuals to shape the positive changes a business needs to develop sustainably over time and increase satisfaction and engagement in doing so. 

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Businesses need to think beyond their own four walls and act for wider positive impact. Today, it is acutely clear that we must think and act globally to solve the key issues of our time. The UN Sustainable Development Goals highlight areas for focus. Defining clear actions to support one or more of these  gives both focus and purpose to a businesses wider strategy. 

SDG Integration

Impact Reporting

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Balanced reports that communicate both the positive and negative impact areas build trust, spearhead focus and secure financing. The age of radical transparency is developing fast, industry leaders are not waiting for the implementation of the EU Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) starting on 1st January 2024.

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Business success relies on good management of a complex network of people and groups. Listening to the voices of your stakeholders is crucial to stay on a relevant strategic path. Structured and regular dialogue with these groups will give the best indication of what you need to prioritise over time and deepen relationships for long-lasting partnerships.

Stakeholder Engagement

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