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Shaping Sustainable Business Together

We deeply believe that businesses are key to driving positive change at the pace the world needs.
Through our work, we make inspiring and empowering sustainability strategies come to life and thrive as an enjoyable, collaborative effort. 

This is both a privilege and our absolute passion!

How we support you sustainability strategy

We know that during day-to-day business the task of managing the array of sustainability challenges can feel overwhelming.
Here is how we can guide and support to keep your projects on track bringing positive impact to life.

Materiality Assessments

Systematically identify the most important impact areas

Prioritise Impact

Understand your key social and environmental risks and opportunities to best shape a meaningful strategy

Stakeholder Engagement

Manage constructive dialogue to grow together

Relationship Building

Forge deeper partnerships in order to understand what matters most and create trust over time

Green Team Activation

Empowering sustainability champions business-wide

Transforming Culture

Enable teams to shape meaningful change to support your sustainability strategy

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Impact Reporting

Be NFRD ready for 2024. Measure KPIs over time to track progress

Raise Transparency

The best exercise to drive accountability and continuous improvement

SDG Integration

Join forces for collaborative change

UN Sustainable Development Goals

Clarify and align the specific areas of business activity to support collective development

B Corp Support

Join the ‘Business for Good’ community

Become a B Corp

Certified B Corporations, are companies that meet high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability.

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On B Corp Support:
Higher Order Strategy transformed the certification process for us – A bite sized, methodical approach making an initially daunting task wholly manageable. The insights into different areas of the BIA also helped increase our learning curve surrounding sustainable business practices, making it a very rewarding experience.
Robert Hayward
Robert HaywardCEO & Founder GoodFX
On Impact Reporting: “Thank you for all your support and guidance over the last few months, it has been a great learning process and it has stepped us up and set us up for success with our first sustainability report”
Sustainability Manager
Sustainability ManagerFood Retail Brands
On Materiality Assessment Support: “Working with Charlotte and the team helped us make sense of what felt like a big task. The clarity gained on our material issues has helped us structure and prioritise our ESG agenda”
Materiality Committee
Materiality CommitteePet Care Retailer

Our Foundations:

To develop sustainably, businesses need both clarity of their strategy, as well as the wide-spread support of people. To do this, leaders must forge brave new paths whilst also collaborating closely with employees and stakeholders. When working together on your strategy we find ways to enable understanding and engagement across the wider business.  

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