Successful strategies are those driven collectively

3 Month Sustainability Champions Programme

Even the most experienced and committed Sustainability Managers cannot implement change alone. Time and time again, we see companies that have invested in brilliant sustainability strategies only to struggle with implementation. The reason is almost always the same: lack of wider buy-in and resources.

This 3 month programme helps embed a sustainable mindset by developing active champion teams who collectively drive the change needed to bring social and environmental initiatives to life and thrive. Step-by-step you are ingraining the DNA for all employees to feel connected to your companies long-term ambitions and collectively drive positive change.


Interested in understanding how the programme could look for your team? Send a short message below stating how many people you would be interested in involving and we will arrange a time to speak and set up a quote. Depending on the size of your company, we suggest having a 5 person team at minimum.  

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