Certified B Corps are a network of businesses transforming the global economy to benefit all people, communities, and the planet.

12 Week B Corp Programme

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As an active B Leader since 2020 in regular contact with with the B Lab Germany, UK and Europe teams, Higher Order Strategy supports an ever growing number of companies use the freely accessible B Impact Assessment (BIA) to analyse and structure their sustainability strategy in a systematic way.    

Collectively, supporters of the movement follow a mission to make business a force for good.
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Choose from 2 approaches to establish a BIA baseline

1-to-1 Tailored Support

Every company is different. The track, approach and answers given in the BIA will reflect this, therefore many companies seek 1-to-1 advice. With this approach you will gain tailored mentoring, explanations and workshops to lead your team through the BIA. Clients report that the process itself becomes a valuable team learning journey.  

Cohort Learning

These group sessions (typically between 6-10 companies) are offered to make the B Corp community more accessible to those new to the movement or with limited resources. It gives a quick and collaborative introduction and helps companies understand the BIA and wider ethos in enough depth to establish a workable project plan for submission. 

* We will do a short scoping exercise to establish the size and complexity of your business before starting the programme. For companies over a certain size or with a structural complexity monthly charges may differ. 

How it works

This table gives an overview of what can be expected at each phase.
Please note, the descriptions are based on the cohort group programme. Companies opting for the 1-to-1 programme will have a higher level of support in particular areas, e.g. IBMs being defined specifically in phase #2 and a detailed road map of improvements being formed and delivered to them in phase#3. 

Already further on your B Corp Journey?

The 12 week programme above is for companies at the first step of joining the B Corp movement. 
If your company is looking for project management support and B Corp expertise for the more developed stages we will happily help with these too. 

Improvements Phase

Submission & Certification

Establish Baseline


If you would like support send a short message below stating which approach you are interested in and we will arrange a time for an introductory call to give more details. 

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